Diabetes can take over a person’s life...
With food as a powerful medicine, diabetes can be reversed so you can regain control of your health.
No more medication you can’t pronounce! And forget the disappointing diets that leave you with cruel cravings, as well as those fad supplements that seem to only leave a bitter taste in your mouth. We’re here to let you know that type 2 diabetes can be reversed without meds, supplements, or even dieting. The Diabetes Breakthrough Program uses a simple, natural method that’s existed long before pharmaceuticals, and has been backed by years of evidence-based science. It’s Mother Nature’s natural remedy to reversing diabetes, and will help you:
  • Lower your A1C for good
  • Support weight loss
  • Improve your sleep
  • Ramp up your energy
  • Support prevention & reversing of diabetic complications
  • And more!
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Originally, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2010. At that time, I didn’t take it seriously because I didn’t feel sick.
To help with my condition, my doctor at the time gave me some medication and suggested that I eat better. However, there was no definition of what “better” meant.
About six years after that initial diagnosis, I was doing worse than I’ve ever been. I went through two knee surgeries. This resulted in a big increase in my weight. As a result, my doctor suggested that I double my dose of metformin and take it even more frequently.
In 2019, I was prescribed Leipzig and the doctor told me to start thinking about taking insulin. At this point, I realized just how serious it was to be diabetic. I was so scared by the idea of taking insulin and the contradictory information that was out there. I seriously felt hopeless.
From that moment on, I was determined to find a better solution.
Luckily around this time, I was introduced to Dr. Freed by a friend. Through the doctor’s teachings, I learned that people were reversing type 2 diabetes by making simple changes in their nutrition. He guided me on what, when and how to eat. Unlike my previous doctors, Dr. Freed’s methods made a lot more sense to me and seemed realistic.
I followed Dr. Freed’s suggestions and the rest is history. Within 30 days, I started seeing immediate results. I was in sheer disbelief. This was seriously life-changing for me. Within just a few months of using the program, I was off medication and completely reversed my type 2 diabetes.
Contrary to popular belief, diabetes can be reversed. With Dr. Freed’s blessing and through a partnership with Daily Zens, we’re determined to show you how.


Many non-genetic factors have been found through studies to be associated with type 2 diabetes, such as lifestyle, food, and toxic pollutants.


You don’t have to be overweight to get type 2 diabetes. Around 10-15% of people with type 2 diabetes are at a healthy weight.


It’s not about having sugar &  carbs, but about the type of sugar & carbs that you consume. Different types of sugar & carbs will have different effects on your body.


Type 2 diabetes used to only be prevalent in adults. Now, it’s unfortunately becoming more common in teenagers and children.
We know! We were just as shocked when we found out that the above points don't Necessarily lead to diabetes.  So, what are the facts? Well, after years of research, it turns out that the actual culprit behind diabetes type 2 is in fact insulin resistance.
What is Insulin Resistance &
how Does ItLead to Diabetes?
Over the last 10-15 years, Americans have decreased their consumption of sugar and carbs, but type 2 diabetes rates are still increasing faster than ever before. Why is that?
Well, scientists recently discovered a foreign compound called a “ceramide,” a tiny lipid molecule which all diabetics have very high levels of. It turns out that this compound is in fact toxic, and is the real cause of type 2 diabetes.
Here’s how it works: These tiny compounds force fat cells to spill into the bloodstream and clog up your vital organs, particularly the pancreas, liver and heart. When the pancreas, which absorbs energy and sugar from food, is clogged up with this toxic fat, it simply can not do its job. And insulin is what tells your cells to absorb sugar and energy from the foods you eat. This results in sugar staying in your bloodstream, increasing your blood sugar, eventually leading to type 2 diabetes. Many people flush out these foreign compounds like ceramides on their own, while others have a harder time doing so. Those that have a harder time doing so get type 2 diabetes.
The good news is that we now know how to flush out the root cause of the fat, particularly, these ceramide compounds, and that’s through nutrition. Adding a potent blend of phytonutrients to your diet targets and destroys the cause of this fat, melting it away. What are phytonutrients? These are powerful plant compounds that help neutralize foreign agents in the blood, flush out harmful toxins, and break down deadly fat cells. Although they may sound intimidating, phytonutrients are simply medicinal plant chemicals you’ll easily find in fruits and vegetables at grocery stores.
The key, however, is not to simply purchase these foods and eat them in any order.  You’ll need to combine them in specific amounts and take them at certain times of the day for them to work. When you do that, you’ll create a powerful catalytic effect and increase their potency, helping reverse your type 2 diabetes. With approval and guidance from Professor James Freed, a renowned, American medical professor who’s been spearheading this life-changing solution, the Diabetes Breakthrough Program will show you just how to do that.
The Diabetesbreakthrough Program
This program takes on a holistic approach to treating type 2 diabetes, setting aside medication, and instead using nutrition and simple exercises to tackle the root cause.
Effective in 9/10 people, this program encourages you to make simple, healthy lifestyle choices that have changed the lives of over 73,000 American citizens, empowering you to take control of your health.
Don’t you think it’s time to start enjoying your life? We certainly do.

With this Program, You’ll Receive:

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Lowered blood
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Reversed diabetes
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Diabetics lost
toxic organ fat

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